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Cascade Spindle Company presents the following series of spindles, each with background history on the peak they represent within the Cascade Mountain Range. Each is handcrafted for your spinning pleasure and spindle collection. All spindles include a 'notch' and we use heavy gauge stainless steel hooks.

Little Si

A great, well-balanced beginner's spindle made of madrona/cherry; not too light, not too heavy. Weight approximately 1-1/2 oz.

St. Helens

Whorl shaped just like the crater! Beautiful, unusual black-line spalt and fiddleback maple woods with a walnut shaft. Weight approximately 7/8 oz. to 1 1/8 oz. A one-of-a-kind collector?s spindle, which spins forever!


Our "signature" spindle! Rim-weighted with whorl shaped like Mt. Rainier. We have used a beautiful Rainier Flame wood with a walnut shaft. Weight ranges from 7/8 oz. to 1-3/8 oz.


Enjoy the pleasant warmth of the sun atop Baker! A unique, laminated beauty of yellowheart and walnut woods. Rim-weighted ranging from 1 oz. to 1-3/8 oz. A fast, long spinner too!


Catch the beauty of autumn with our laminate peak! Beautiful mirror-like paduk/cherry whorl with birch shaft. Another rim-weighted spindle ranging from 1 oz. to 1-3/8 oz. Spins effortlessly and fast!


A petite, lightweight spindle for you to spin cashmere, alpaca, silk or other fine fibers of your choice. Made of zebrawood; weight approximately .5 oz. and under.


Tiger's "twin". A petite, lightweight spindle for fine fiber spinning. Rim-weighted with a high speed spin. Made of pomelle bubinga; weight approximately.5 oz. and under.


Small, lightweight (approximately 3/8 oz. to 1/2 oz.) with an ability to spin medium to very fine fibers. Rim weighted for a long spin time. Long shaft on which to spin lots of fiber! Made of poplar balsam with a walnut shaft.


This is the spindle you've been awaiting to spin designer yarns and also the ultimate plying spindle. Engineered for an easily-controlled, fast, long and consistent spin. Maple, rim-weighted, long shaft, weight under 1-7/8 oz.


A collectible must-have spindle!; Iridescent koa, beads and "bling"! ; Shape resembles the Space Needle and is also named after a peak in the Cascades. Rim-weighted, approximately 7/8 - 1.5 oz.



Spin with style! Our uniquely designed wristaff will hold your fiber source neatly and securely. It will also measure wraps per inch! Made in a variety of woods including walnut, honey locust and sumac, it comes complete with a leatherette cord and wooden beads.


Well-shaped and balanced tool for ball winding.


Two tools in one - a Niddy-Noddy and Nostepinne. A 'must have' tool unique to us!

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