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  • We believe our products to be among the finest spinning tools available. Each is custom-made especially for you! Cascade spindles are unique.
  • Our name and the "theme" of our mountain peak designs are characteristic in our turnings.
  • Our woods are very unique - Rainier Flame, fiddle back, black line spalt, honey locust, sumac, cascara, to name a few.
  • Two of the spindles' whorls are shaped like the peaks they represent, namely the Rainier and St. Helens spindles.
  • Our shafts are all hand-turned, "trued", tapered and some with unique finials.
  • Each spindle is rim-weighted for an incredibly long spin. long spin.
  • Our laminates are made very differently from other manufacturers.
  • Every spindle has a notch.
  • Our hooks are strong stainless steel.
  • Each spindle is engraved with our logo.
  • Each spindle comes with a card describing the mountain peak that it represents.
  • And...Cascade Spindles are collectible!

Terry Turpening

Connie St. Jean

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